Our Commitment to Health and Purity

Every bottle we ship is affirmed by third-party laboratory analysis Certificates that are always online. We manufacture to the exacting standards established by the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) and Good Documentation Practices (GDB) of the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Our independent, third party laboratory analysis establishes not only cannabinoid levels, but also verifies the absence of mold, heavy metals, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals, potential microbial contamination, and any residual solvents. You can rest assured that NO product leaves our facility unless it is tested and guaranteed 100% pure and uncontaminated.

These rigorous standards are a first for the supplement industry. At a time when some of the world’s largest dietary supplement companies have been forced to admit their product contains less-than-advertised amount of supplements, we are proud to certify that our products are pure and fully potent.

In the relatively new field of hemp extraction products, public records show some companies have misled consumers about their supplements’ contents, and have even marketed products contaminated by pesticides. Our rigorous and certified testing assures you that Cannabidal products are always safe and contain verifiable and precise levels of advertised ingredients.

Certificate Analysis

Stillwater Laboratories Inc.

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Broad Spectrum

Tincture 250mg

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