Organic hemp, rigorous science, and a commitment to quality inform every step of our process.

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Broad Spectrum

Tincture 250mg

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Purity Guaranteed

We assure all our products receive rigorous third-party laboratory screening for agricultural chemicals and heavy metals, mycotoxins (mold) and microbial content. Our CBD oil is 100% pure, organic and safe.

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Pure, clean and planet-friendly

We use the highest quality hemp, the purest extraction methods, and third-party ‘best practices’ production standards – guaranteeing you a pure, safe oil created in an eco-conscious atmosphere.

We ship anywhere

We ship anywhere CBD oil is legal to transport and possess – including Asia, Europe, and all over North and South America. Your shipment is clearly labeled so that postal and customs authorities are aware of the contents and its legality in the destination country. Our shipping avoids transit through countries where CBD oil is illegal, guaranteeing your shipment is not subject to confiscation or destruction.

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